• Promote and encourage Indian culture and heritage
  • Start an ‘Academy of Performing Arts’ for training & upgrading young talents
  • Arrange training support to ‘differently abled’ & financially weak students of performing arts
  • Offer support to financially weaker students of performing arts
  • Provide scholarships to physically challenged ,under–privileged & differently abled talented students of performing arts
  • Financially support economically weak veteran artists
  • Collaborate with Hospitals , Diagnostic Centers & Medicine suppliers for preferential prices for the sponsored students & artists
  • Organise ‘Fund raising ‘ music concerts , theatre festivals ,dance recitals
  • Arrange cultural competitions to find out the budding talents
  • Organize exhibitions of painting / sketches / photography / sculpture etc and raise fund for the artistes
  • Tie up with hospitals & Nursing Homes for arranging ‘Privilege Medical Cards’ for the students & elderly artists
  • Promote young & talented artists by arranging concerts / exhibitions for them
  • Organise ‘Fund raising events’ by legendary artists



  • Offer medical support to the under privileged section of the society
  • Tie up with Hospitals, Diagnostic Centres & Medicine suppliers for preferential prices for the sponsored individuals
  • Arrange fortnightly free medical check-up camps for the community & arrange for medicines at cheaper rates
  • Collaborate with hospitals for arranging ‘Privilege Medical Cards’
  • Organise ‘voluntary blood donation camps’ in localities
  • Organise ‘medical awareness camps’ to explain simple tips on hygienic living
  • Collaborate with Pathological centers to arrange ‘free of cost tests’ once in 3 months for the economically weaker sections
  • Organise Awareness camps on “Importance of Vaccination” for children
  • Arrange camps & demonstration on ‘”how to avoid Dengue , Malaria epidemic”


  • Arrange free of cost training support to ‘differently-abled’ & financially deprived students
  • Provide books & stationery items to the under privileged & meritorious students free of cost
  • Organise free coaching by teachers after institution hours
  • Encourage students on ‘extra-curricular activities’ by providing quality training
  • Tie up health insurance companies to provide ‘ Health Insurance’ to financially weak elderly musicians
  • Organize training camps & competitions : indoor & outdoor games, Yoga & Gymnastics
  • Arrange & organize lectures , debates , discussions , seminars , Quiz & excursions for the knowledge updating
  • Organise competitions on : drawing, singing, sewing, recitation etc.
  • Tie up with specialists / organisations to arrange for ‘Vocational training’ and empower students / youths with hands-on knowledge in various fields and be self-dependent to earn their livelihood.


  • Explain the importance of cleanliness
  • Arrange Training & awareness camps and exhibition on ‘cleanliness in community’ to explain & demonstrate how to live in a clean & healthy environment
  • Exhibit simple technics & processes to maintain healthy & hygienic environment


  • Arrange for ‘Tree Plantation Program’ & distribute saplings to the people and promote ‘Better environment for living’
  • Organize seminar & lectures focusing on usage of Solar power & other means of fuel to save the ‘mother earth’ at various institutions  & local areas.
  • Organize talk show, seminar on “clean water & save water”
  • Arrange demonstration, workshops on “water restoration & rain water harvesting” in high rise buildings & institutions
  • Collaborate with Automobile dealers & owners to explain them how to avoid  ‘air pollution’ , ‘sound pollution’ & ensure all the owners nurture one sapling at their home to save the environment
  • Arrange workshops at local level as well as institutions to ‘Stop usage of plastics’ and promote alternative materials to save the environment
  • Promote the idea of “advantages of usage of public transport / community transport” to save Fossil resources as well as environment
  • Organise awareness programmes on “how to avoid misuse of electricity”
  • Demonstrate various ways on “how to minimize the usage of water”
  • Arrange for workshops at various industries , offices & institutions of “how to manage electronic & electrical gadget wastes”
  • Collaborate with specialists and arrange for workshops to explain the importance of “Energy efficiency audit of various equipment & gadgets”, used in industries to save energy
  • Promote for usage to LED lights
  • Tie up with LED & Solar gadget manufacturers to supply items at preferential price & terms
  • Work with various outdoor advertising agencies to encourage usage of ‘Environment friendly items’ for their hoardings & display boards


  • Treat them equally at par with respect to their talents ,knowledge & abilities
  • Provide scholarships to talented students of performing arts
  • Collaborate with Hospitals , Diagnostic Centers & Medicine suppliers for preferential prices for the ‘differently-abled people’
  • Organize dance & musical performance , exhibitions of painting / sketches /by them & hand over funds for them, raised in those events
  • Tie up with hospitals for arranging ‘Privilege Medical Cards’ for them
  • Arrange fund raising events for supporting the above activities


  • Promote women equally with men in all activities of the trust
  • Arrange supply of free books & stationeries for the economically weak meritorious girl students
  • Arrange free training on dance, music & other extra-curricular activities for girl children
  • Organise workshop on self-defense training of young girls
  • Support girl child for their education & self-reliance
  • Tie up with specialists / organisations to arrange for ‘Vocational training’ and empower girl students / ladies with hands-on knowledge in various fields and be self-dependent to earn their livelihood.
  • Provide monthly scholarships to the financially weak girl students
  • Arrange for free supply of books & stationery to the needy & meritorious girls
  • Collaborate with hospitals & arrange for ‘Special Medical Assistance Cards’ for the inmates of ‘Old age homes’ & Orphanages
  • Arrange financial support for needy & economically weak veteran lady artists